5 Reasons To Be Excited About Be More Chill

Be More Chill opened on Broadway earlier this year and fans in Liverpool are going to have the unique opportunity to see their favourite musical before it even reaches the West End, thanks to What We Did Next.

The theatre company has been given the chance to perform this musical for the very first time in the North West of England and these are five reasons that you should be excited.

1. You don’t need to go to New York to see the hottest new Broadway show

Flights to New York are around £300, plus show tickets are between £40-£190. You can see this production for as little as £15.

This production combines everything that was loved about the original show but with a brand new retro twist.

For fans of Be More Chill it has everything you fell in love with way back in 2015 and, for those who have never heard the show before, it will be a captivating story of wanting something but feeling that you don’t quite fit in.

2. It’s the little musical that could

Be More Chill  started out at a small theatre in New Jersey, and grew and grew and grew, because of its fans.

What started out as a small online community went, er, viral. Soon the songs were being blasted out in rooms all over the US, and then the world.

Popularity isn’t everything, but a devoted fan following that will campaign and blog and post and tweet until your show makes it to Broadway tells you something about the show. Mainly that it’s good.

Trust those fans, trust your instincts, listen to the soundtrack and go and see this show.

3. Banging tunes

Let’s look at that soundtrack for a second. Umm, can we talk about earworms? This show will find a little place inside your mind, bury itself deep inside and blast out on repeat.

“Do you wanna riiiiiide?” sing Brooke and Chloe and so will you. You can listen to it right now, but we have warned you, you will become obsessed.

4. We can all relate to it

Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in? Have you ever wanted to be more popular? Would you like someone helping you navigate awkward social situations? Sounds like this show is for you.

Jeremy swallows a pill-sized supercomputer and finds a SQUIP lodged in his brain. The SQUIP helps him become more popular and talk to the girl of his dreams, which sounds good, but at what cost?

5. Exciting new Liverpool talent

From the actors to the musicians to the set designers and prop makers – the team behind Be More Chill are incredibly talented.

Many are fresh from their theatre courses, others have championed community theatre with WWDN for more than 10 years.

Together they have created a show that reflects what people love about the original production but forges a new path and a new vision with nods to your favourite science fiction TV and film shows.

In conclusion

This is show is going to be INCREDIBLE. One you do not want to miss. Watch the trailer below to find out more but really you should buy your tickets now.

It’s on at The Hope Street Theatre. 8-11th May 2019. Saturday night has already sold out and there’s a limited number for Wednesday so get them while you can!