Spring Awakening (2011)

101Innocence corrupted, emotions fraught and the shattered dreams of youth. Teenage friends discover sexuality against a background of confused emotional maturity and emerging adult responsibilities. Lacking guidance from parents or teachers will their limited knowledge have disastrous consequences?

One of the most controversial musicals ever written, based on Frank Wedekind’s censored and at times banned play, Spring Awakening contrasts the strict society of 19th century Germany with witty dialogue and a punchy, upbeat contemporary soundtrack.

When: 2nd – 5th February 2011

Where: Unity Theatre, 1 Hope Place, L1 9BG


Production Team Cast
Producer: Shaun Holdom Eyles
Director: Jamie Barfield
Technical Director: Kasper Hunt
Musical Director: Michael Bourne
Choreographer: Dominique Shonzlee