The Singers is our relaxed, friendly, non-auditioned, choir that is free for the first 3 weeks of attending. We sing a range of songs from musical theatre standards (think Phantom, Avenue Q and everything in between) to Motown, through awesome medleys and occasionally something we’ve arranged ourselves. We’re very keen on being led by what you the members want, so if you think you’ve got an excellent song choice then let us know.

We meet every Tuesday at 7 pm and sing for 2 hours before having a few drinks afterward. Although we tend to sing for the fun of it we also perform and can often be found showing off at our popular open mic nights.

Sounds good? What’s even better is the price of each session. £0 for the first 3 weeks.

That’s right. No obligation for the first 3 weeks, whilst you get a feel for us, our songs and our style!

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